from sourcing to sales - for technical, industrial and construction companies

European businesses are challenged by higher energy cost, inflation and scarcity of resources. This leads to higher prices for goods sold or services offered, reduced competetiveness and a weakened global market position. To counter this increasing efficiency in business processes and smart business development is a must.
We help you with this process. We analyse your business to strengthen weak links and eliminate bottlenecks. We have an holistic, but hands-on approach.


Are you sourcing for items or new suppliers? We help you find the right supplier for you, with the right pricing, quality and delivery times. We have succesfully sourced all from nuts and bolts to 50-tons construction machinery. Let us know what you need!


Do you have to recruit a new purchaser and need someone to do the job until then? Or is your purchaser on parental leave, long travel or away for other reasons? We fill the gap! We have many years of experience in industrial and trading companies and will very quickly help you out!

Material requirements planning

Control over your material is A to Z. We help with oa. planning, keeping up inventory levels and calculation of safety stock levels. We perform analysis and work structural and accurate.

Customer management

Every demand starts with the customer! We take care of your orderhandling and delivery processes. Registration, confirmation, production orders, delivery notes, shipments, etc. We learn quickly how to work with your ERP system and always put the customer first.

Dynamics 365

We are experienced in working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 supporting Supply Chain processes. We have worked with creating BOM, production orders, purchasing, receiption of goods, safety-stock calculations, counting, releasing new items and production scheduling.

Business Development

Small or mid-sized companies can benefit from our experience in sales and entrepreneurship. We look at what is ncessary to serve your customers better, to find new ones and to grow your business.

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